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Taking a Chance is the 3rd single off Tony's upcoming album 'Man on Mars'

A song about Taking a chance and going out and doing what you want to do, and being what you want to be. In Tony's case it is recording and releasing his music as by doing this you open yourself up to criticism and rejection, and show the whole world your inner feelings.

Listen here

Man on Mars Copy.gif

Man on Mars is the 2nd single off the upcoming 3rd album. It is a song about making the most of the limited time we have in an unforgiving world, and of dreaming about finding a better place so you can leave all the problems behind.

Listen here

Ain't No Cowboy.jpg

Ain't No Cowboy is the first single off the upcoming 3rd album from Tony Lee. It is a song about not feeling like yourself because something is missing, and how, even though you try to carry on, you still have this feeling of being incomplete.

While Tony's music varies through the genre of Country Rock, this song brings Tony's Country side to the fore with this powerfull ballad. Out of a songwriting session where Tony wanted to write a song about feeling like a Cowboy, came the exact opposite. A song about not feeling like a Cowboy!

tony lee large album cover.jpg

Tony's latest album which was released late last year embraces his shift to a new age country rock sound, which has been refined and embellished with catchy guitar riffs and rocking leads.

His second single off the album,  called 'Stand up and fight' has been well received in Australia, making the top 40 Country airplay chart, and the Tasmanian top 30 chart.

Still embracing Tony's 'heart on his sleeve' style of writing, the songs cover a range of subjects, including the death of his Dad, Drinking, Love, and how everyday life relates to the world, but they all come together under the banner of 'Heartfelt songs about life's daily struggle.

'So far from he truth' is Tony's view of his world, although he admits that he does not always see things the way he should. 



A Road Less Travelled was Tony Lee's debut album. Tony experimented with an eclectic range of genres, that he had dabbled with throughout his long and road worn career. 


The album received high accolades in the press with critics loving Tony's "wear your heart on your sleeve" approach to songwriting.


Never creatively satisfied and with months of studio experience under his belt, Tony has returned to the studio 18 months later and refined his sound further, adding smatterings of country arrangement and foot stomping rock to his new repetiore.

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